Response to an Anti Vaxx Article Shared by my Partner

Original Article:

The first thing that stood out was the site. This is a full on pro Trump, Right Wing, Pro Gun, Anti vaxx site. Just read the other articles headlines and you get the idea. Here i have taken the article and attempted to analyze it for facts.

“ER Editor: We’re running a short video by a high profile women’s doctor as well as an article by Children’s Health Defense on the topic of the female reproductive symptoms post-vaccination, and among those who haven’t been vaccinated yet hang around those who have. It is clear there is a problem unfolding.”

Children’s Health Defense is another Anti vaxx site. So basically one anti vaxx site references another anti vaxx site as proof. A classic technique used by shoddy articles.

“We remind readers of a piece we ran early last December 2020 by Drs. Mike Yeadon and Wolfgang Wodarg, who anticipated that the proteins essential for maintaining pregnancy, Syncitin-1 and -2, would be adversely affected by Covid vaccination. Their reaction was to call for a halt to Covid vaccine trials with the European Medicines Agency (EMA). See Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon Request a Stop of ALL Corona Vaccination Studies, Call to SIGN THE PETITION. Their call was, of course, ignored.”

This has been debunked multiple times

and how the rumor started was looked into:

Gynaecologist and obstetrician Dr. Christiane Northrup begins the video below with her highly impressive biography, among which are books, TV appearances and other accolades, only to inform us that in 2021, she’s now become one of the ‘Twelve Disinformation Dozen’.

Here are some of the points raised in this 7 minute video:

The entire inside of uterus can slough off in certain women affected by the vaccine. The menstrual cycle is an indicator of health and the immune system. So when suddenly thousands of people across the world, either vaccinated or around those who are, are having irregularities, it’s a concern.

Polysorbate 80 is found in these shots, which is known to affect ovarian function in rats. Many women have become infertile due to the Gardasil vaccine, for example.

Adverse reaction reports include swelling of genitals and breast irregularities, but also swelling of the scrotum and erectile dysfunction in men. These are being found on the Yellow Card system in the UK. But we don’t have a formal database at the moment for symptoms in those who haven’t been vaccinated.

Hypothesis: there could be some sort of bioweapon at work that is being transmitted or secreted by the bodies of those vaccinated.

Here’s what we know: It is not a normal immunisation. It causes the body to make a synthetic protein where the body produces it like a factory against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. It’s a synthetic protein that has never been seen before. There is no way this production is going to stop within the vaccinated person’s body. Theoretically it can be found in any bodily fluid (blood, sweat, seminal fluid, saliva, etc.). It may be affecting the most delicate and complex hormonal processes such as that found in pregnancy. We know the spike protein antibody cross-reacts with Syncitin-1 and -2, which are proteins essential for the placenta and for maintaining a pregnancy. We now have women who are miscarrying, are unable to get pregnant or bleeding heavily and we don’t know why, except that vaccinated people may be emitting something which is causing this.

We need to be clear about taking care of ourselves first in the most positive way, and by getting the word out.

Notice how after the 3rd point this post simply starts making assumptions like “some sort of bioweapon” and then somehow connecting misinformation regarding RNA and then stating unsubstantiated claims like “women miscarrying, can’t able to get pregnant without facts or basis. Has there been in unusual number of reported miscarriages during the vaccination period ? Nope.

So this woman Christine is clearly not in a right state of mind. Her claims and advice now focus on conspiracy theories, support of QAnon and blatant denial of established scientific and medical facts. She encourages people not to wear masks in response to Covid, wades into vaccines, 5G cell networks, and a host of other conspiracy based theories, all of which are woven together to form a platform of medical disinformation. Her current acceptance by women rests heavily on her earlier successes and she trades on her medical credentials to lend authenticity to her warped views. She is hugely enabled by social media and her loyal following, who blindly and unthinkingly accept her statements as fact.

Possibly the most damning evidence to emerge against Northrup is a video shown recently of her, a portion of which you can watch on the link, where she makes wild claims about microchips in the Covid vaccine, DNA modification, heavy metals used to track you via 5g and Luciferous, a chemical substance, so named because it shines. The rantings of a deluded and clearly disturbed individual who has slipped into the bottomless conspiracy rabbit hole. You can watch a portion of the video on Boom and read how they completely discredit both her and her ideas.

After this, the article starts referencing various Doctors and their statements on menstrual cycles and vaccination. Of course they carefully avoid the part where all these doctors mention that the irregularity repose is a temporary one and all patients including the doctors themselves returned to normal cycle with 1 or 2 cycles. This is the another technique that conspiracy sites use to garner authenticity. They combine kernels of truth with assumptions and lies.

Dr. Heather Huddleston: “It’s very possible that just the stress or maybe disrupted sleep or potentially some disrupted body temperatures, all of those things could have led to something in the menstrual cycle getting a little thrown off for a month.”

Should there be more studies? Absolutely yes. If you read the NY Times article that was referenced you also see how this shady article omitted parts of the original article. “Since the cycle is supported by the immune system at every turn, it is possible that the vaccines, which are designed to ignite an immune response, temporarily change the normal course of events.”

Is there a possible connection between women’s reproductive systems, fertility or menstrual cycles and vaccination? Yes.

As pointed out by many OB/GYN , any stress on the immune system can cause these abnormalities and it might be a side effect of the vaccination. However these are anecdotal and in all observable cases temporary. As pointed out by the NYT article we need more studies done regarding this to come to a definitive conclusion. Meanwhile lets be weary of shady articles using shady techniques to create unsubstantiated fear.